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Long-Arm Quilting Studio

Additional Charges

Minimum Quilting Cost

Rush Fee (In addition to quilting cost)

(I will do touch-up pressing at no charge)

Squaring-up Backing

Sewing Backing

Unpinning or Unbasting

Basting Service for Hand Quilting
(For hand quilters that just can't resist doing the quilting. I will baste your quilt in rows approximately 2 inches apart with large stitches. After you do your hand quilting, these stitches can easily be removed.)

Edge Finishing

The Choice is Yours
One way to finish quilts is to bring the backing up and over the top of the last border. It WILL show on the top of your quilt. I will stitch it 1-3 times around the edge, depending on your preference.

Lap Size = $20.00
Twin Size = $25.00
Full/ Queen Size = $30.00
King Size = $40.00

Bias Binding
This is the preferred way to finish a quilt for the best result. I will cut bias strips from your leftover fabric, or use fabric that your provide. I will machine sew it on your quilt, then flip it to the back and hand sew it all the way around. The cost for this service is $0.23 cents per linear inch.

These prices are in addition to the prices listed for quilting.

$8.00 per solid color
$10.00 per variegated color
(If you wish to have your quilt done in two or more colors, it is $8.00 or $10.00 per color)

I have the following batting available. I prefer to use one of the following types when I machine quilt, however, if you prefer to supply your own, you may do so.

Hobbs Heirloom Bleached 80% Cotton/20% Polyester - White
Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80% Cotton/20% Polyester - Off White
Hobbs Heirloom Organic 100% Cotton - Off White

Prices are as follows:

$7.00 for Baby Size up to 2700 square inches (approx. 45" x 60")
$15.00 for Twin Size up to 6480 square inches (approx. 72" x 90")
$18.00 for Full/Double Size up to 8064 square inches (approx. 84" x 96")
$20.00 for Queen Size up to 9720 square inches (approx. 90" x 108")
$30.00 for King Size up to 14,880 square inches (approx 120" x 124")

Your batting will need to be at least 8" larger than your quilt top. For example, if you are making a twin size quilt, you may need a full/double size batting. If you are providing batting for me to use, please check the measurement on it's package - it must be at least 8 inches larger than your quilt top. It is not possible to "stretch" a smaller batting to fit a larger quilt top.

To figure the square inches of your quilt:

Length x Width = Total Square Inches

Shipping and Insurance is at actual cost and is customers responsibility to pay.

NSF Check Charge = $35.00